Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Joe's Charity Gig

Joe had managed to raise above and beyond the amount required by his charity for the London Marathon so he thought he could do more for another one...
He volunteered his new employee, Samir, to organise a charity gig to raise funds for Get Connected, a charity which helps teens with getting the resources they need to for any help they may need.  Samir got crackin' right away and completely blew us all away with his fantastic planning and organising.
He managed to secure four bands for free, a venue at a drastically reduced price and contacted the charity for various prizes to give away in a big prize draw.
Needless to say, his efforts paid off when, by the end of the big night, we managed to raise £1300!!!!

Many thanks to Samir for all his hard work!  And thanks to everyone who came out to support the night. 
On a personal note, I think this is the biggest, most comprehensive group shot we've had of all of us -EVER!!!