Saturday, 3 October 2009

Visit to Hughenden Manor with Has and Lui

As members of the National Trust, we've enjoyed frequenting the beautiful manor houses, ruins and castles dotted across the country. Our friends Has and Lui don't have a car, and I made it my mission to get them out of London to visit a nice but of British history that they wouldn't otherwise be able to get to (well, wouldn't bother with public transport to get there - nor would I without a car!). Plus Lui's and my new British citizen stati (is that plural for status?) means we need to brush up on our new country's history!
Home of Benjamin Disraeli, ex-prime minister of Great Britain sometime in the 1800’s, this manor house was his sanctuary away from Westminster. Only an hour outside of London, its completely rural and peaceful.
We walked for quite a long time and inevitably ended up eating in the cafe warming up our mitts while doing so.
Great day out!

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