Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Vay and Dennis Wedding

We woke up very early Saturday morning to get to Vay's parents house in Luton to partake in one of the Chinese traditions surrounding a wedding.
We were asked to be "brother" and "sister" for Vay and Dennis, along many other friends and family to engage in an age old tradition of the bridegroom and his brothers trying to buy their way into the bride's home.
Over the years, bribing has evolved into the girls making the guys do various tasks for money, all of which are embarrassing to various degrees, until they deem enough tasks were successfully completed when the guys are then welcome in the house.

This is followed by a tea ceremony and as I understand it, this is the opportunity to give thanks and respect to their elders/family.

Around midday we drove back to London to the ceremony venue which couldn't have been more majestic! Housed in the Greenwich Maritime buildings the place was regal yet simple, stunning and just really classy. Well done to Vay and Dennis for choosing that place. Photos and canapes followed the ceremony which came to an end around 5pm to allow time to drive to the restaurant.

Now, for those who of you who haven't done a Chinese wedding before, believe you me, it is worth getting yourself a Chinese friend just to get into one of these. I have been to my share during my time in London, but they never cease to amaze me.
With typically 12 courses lasting over 5 or so hours, this isn't for the weak hearted. Joe and I particularly fared well because we were at the table with all the Chinese Wedding virgins- CWVs- (well, 3/4 of the table) which meant more food for us as they contemplated the dishes and struggled with the chopsticks. Now, now, you may think us selfish but you will be pleased to know that I championed the cause and served the food whilst both Joe and I explained the dishes to them. But, in the end, the gods were on our side and we just got more food! result!

A great day! We really loved being a part of it - so a big thank you out to Vay and Dennis for including us. Note to Luu family - for future reference, ALWAYS sit us with the CWVs, ok?

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