Monday, 25 January 2010

The Alphabet Dinner strikes again!

Some of my followers may know about the Alphabet Dinners already, but for those who don't, here's a little history and explanation of what it is:
Sometime in 2006 or 07 (eek!  they've been going on for a bit now!), we and three other couples wanted to figure out a fun way to catch up with each other on a regular basis, doing something that wouldn't cost the Earth.
We decided on dinner parties, held in regular intervals, roughly once every 2 months.  Not just any old dinner party, it would follow the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter must represent a country and its cuisine.  Yes, only countries - no provinces, no cities, no states (and we are very strict with our rules, well with the expection of the letter Q). 
Several points to mention here:
  • None of the countries of our patronage could be used at all in the process.  Being quite the international group of 8, The States, India, China, Ireland and Vietnam were automatically struck from the record. 
  • Restaurant wildcard could only be used once every 2 turns.  Hence, if you wanted to eat out on your turn, the next time around you would have to cook.
So, wide eyed, naive and excited, we embarked on this epic, eternal dinner party.
Three years on, one new baby, countless disputes whilst cooking and 17 letters later, we arrived at Q on Saturday night. 
Only one country comes to mind for the letter Q.  Lucky us, it was our turn (not jaded at all by the fact that the three other couples get easy street with R, S and T, but nevermind....).
We decided to take a stance and risk the consequences of breaking the "Alphabet Rules" and told everyone we weren't going to do Qatar - we were going to celebrate Quebec.  Heck, Quebec has been fighting for independance for so long anyway, it might as well be its own country!
Joe planned the menu and we prepped together.  All I have to say is WOW, those Quebecians (or whatever you call em) sure like their stodge!
Ham and Yellow Split Pea Soup
Salmon and mash pie
Roast Dusk with Pecan stuffing
Poutine (french fries with cheese, bacon and gravy)
Maple Syrup Pie

Afterwards, my stomach was a brick.  None of us could really sit upright at the end, but it felt good to know we only have two more letters to go for our contribution!

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