Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Big Chill

I feel pretty lucky that I have seen snow more than a few occassions in London over the past eight years.  It has never been much, but enough to bring back those fab childhood memories of building snow forts, sledding on Briargate Hill, snowball fights, the 20 minute mandatory "get ready to go outside" ritual filled with moonboots, sledding pants, winter jacket, long underwear, scarf, mittens, hat, double sock layer, double trouser layer, double shirt get the idea.
Well, winter came with a vengence this year.  Snow everywhere!  London was hit and the snow actually stayed because of the freezing temps.  All outside London got dumped on causing travel chaos like nothing seen in decades, and which will not be soon forgotten. 
And boy was that snow THE perfect packing snow!  Kids in the street slamming snow balls at each other, Joe smashing one in my face (yep, what a guy!) and snowmen everywhere - a winter wonderland!
So, here is what we got up to on one of the bigger snow days - my first snow man in a good 20 years!

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