Friday, 10 April 2009


Our visit to Lacock didn't disappoint! In fact, after walking around for a little while, we realised we had been then before with my grams and gramps a year prior on a cold, wet, windy night on our way back to London from Stonehenge.
A fantastic village with picturesque charm, looks like it hasn't really changed much since the 1800s, with the exception of the cars! In fact, it is often used in period dramas, for some of the Harry Potter films and other films. Beautiful!
We were there just before Easter and that day the village organised a massive Easter hunt throught the entire village, with all the shopkeepers involved, getting the little kiddies and their parents to follow clues which eventually lead to....well, frankly, I don't know, cause we didn't follow them! We ended up in the pub!
Met a great potter who has a pottery right across the street from the church (I posted about him in the jml pottery blog) which I would die for!

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